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White NFC Tags

White NFC Tags

White NFC Tags

Offering nice worth and obtainable in an exceedingly wide selection of sizes, white NFC tags are a decent alternative wherever the tag is hidden from read or visual impact is a smaller amount necessary.
ID Printing
Many of our white NFC Tags also can be ID written to assist with secret writing identification. we are able to additionally print an easy black brand aboard any ID for fast and straightforward disapproval.

Which white NFC tag ought to I get ?
Generally, the 38mm White tags offer the simplest scan distances across a variety of applications. 38mm is actually the dimensions of white tag we’d advocate for sensible posters. However, if you wish a smaller tag, all our tags are tested to make sure sensible performance. For a lot of info, check the relative scan distance exploitation the our Scan Strength rating.

The Desfire and Ultralight C are a lot of specialist tags and we’d solely advocate for specific applications.

The economy white tags are unbelievable worth and are simply good for general testing wherever NTAG203 memory capability is not needed.

Product data:
Manufactured by NFC Business Cards this prime quality NFC tag includes the NTAG213 NFC chip from the newest NTAG21x chip series free by NXP.

The 29mm size is one amongst our most well-liked and strikes a balance of size/ScanStrength against the larger 38mm tags and also the smaller 22/25mm choices. Providing a awfully sensible ScanStrength it’s a good alternative for all spherical, general NFC use. The plastic face provides a decent level of water/weather resistance.

This 29mm product is additionally a awfully widespread alternative for purchasers World Health Organization need ID printing/encoding to spot unambiguously encoded tags. we tend to usually stock 50-100,000 units of this product and it’s quality means that we tend to frequently manufacture and stock.

Provided on reels of up to two,000 tags or strips of tags betting on amount ordered.