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                What are NFC Tags ?

NFC (near field communication) could be a wireless technology that permits for the transfer of information like text or numbers between 2 NFC enabled devices. NFC tags, as an example stickers or wristbands, contain little microchips with very little aerials which may store a little quantity of knowledge for transfer to a different NFC device, like a mobile.

What data are you able to store ?

There’s a whole set of various information varieties you’ll store on AN NFC tag. the particular quantity of information varies betting on the sort of NFC tag used – totally {different|completely different} tags have different memory capacities. as an example, you will prefer to store a address (web address) or a signal. a typical Ultralight NFC tag will store a address of around forty one characters, whereas the newer NTAG203 NFC tag will store a address of around 132 characters.

Usually, this data is hold on in a very specific information (NDEF – NFC information exchange format) in order that it will be faithfully scan by most devices and mobile phones.

Could somebody modification my NFC tag ?

NFC tags will be bolted in order that once information has been written, it can’t be altered. for many tags this is often a 1 method method therefore once the tag is bolted it can’t be unfastened.
Encoding and lockup are 2 separate actions. NFC tags will be re-encoded various times till they’re bolted.

How am i able to write in code NFC tags ?

The easiest method at the instant is to use AN NFC enabled mobile like the Nexus S running automaton or a more modern BlackBerry or Nokia. simply transfer an appropriate App and you’ll be secret writing your tags in minutes.

Which phones support NFC ?

At the instant, not terribly several. however that is dynamic and it’s dynamic quickly. If you would like to be before the sport then get yourself sorted with NFC currently !

What else am i able to do with NFC tags ?

Like the range of NFC enabled phones, the amount of NFC Apps is growing quickly. as an example, you’ll already transfer Apps which is able to permit you to write in code tags to show your phone’s LAN or Bluetooth on or off – or open your favorite weather page. write in code a tag for your workplace table and simply faucet it to alter all of your phone settings.

What’s all this regarding mobile payments ?

A lot of the press you see regarding NFC tags are going to be regarding mobile payments. it is the same technology however whereas we tend to are talking here regarding exploitation NFC to transfer an internet address or easy information, NFC payments are lots additional sophisticated and involve a mobile billfold on your phone and every one varieties of alternative things. whereas the momentum behind NFC is probably going to be driven by mobile payments, the technology is capable of way more.

Will NFC tags replace QR Codes ?

We typically feel that QR Codes and NFC tags sit aboard one another and each have their benefits and downsides. we predict that the user expertise with NFC tags is mostly higher And within the instances wherever the extra price of exploitation an NFC tag is a smaller amount relevant to the general price (for example on a wristband, brochures or posters), it’d be our preference.

However, QR Codes do not need the user to be therefore physically shut, are liberal to print and are able to be scan by most current smartphones (albeit with an appropriate app).

What batteries do they take ?

That’s the clever factor regarding NFC tags. they do not need batteries. They get their power from simply being close to a battery-powered NFC device, as an example a mobile.

How shut does one got to be to the tag ?

The answer after all depends on your phone and therefore the tag itself, however typically you would like to be inside a handful of centimeters (an inch).